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Jasmine Essential Oil is Amazing

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of using Jasmine essential oil, tea, and skincare products. The scent of Jasmine is incredibly soothing, and it’s been shown to have a calming effect on the mind and body. When used in skincare products, Jasmine can help to improve skin tone and elasticity. It can also help to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. And when used in tea, Jasmine provides a host of health benefits including improved digestion and immune function.


I recently bathed with our bath salts featuring the Jasmine bud flowers and felt so relaxed! After leaving the bath I mixed a small dropper of Jasmine essential oil with Satin Bottoms Body Lotion and meditated for over an hour. The effects were simply amazing. 

Jasmine has been known to have healing effects for centuries. There are countless articles detailing having Jasmine Flowers in your home will uplift your mood. There are countless benefits to using Jasmine. Here are a few that will be worth researching.

Jasmine Flowers are a great stress reliever. If you have them in your home you will be feeling relief relatively quickly. The fragrance is very soothing. Its a natural air purifier so consider it for deodorizing your home.

This flower also contains ketone which has the same scent as the flower, but the most important aspect of ketone is that it moisturizes your skin. It has been known to be especially good for stretch marks.

Jasmine also is a natural antiseptic that provides relief for minor cuts and wounds. Its also a natural aid for coughs and colds.

Finally, having Jasmine in the home will aid in sleep due to its pleasing fragrance. Try it today with our Jasmine Bath Salts or mix your Jasmine essential oil with Satin Bottoms for an amazing scented journey of euphoric proportions. Discover it today at Plush Figure Boutique.

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