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Soften the Mood in Your Home

Today we will be showing you how to make your own fragrance mist or air freshener for home. I have been creating some new concoctions of late that involve Jasmine since its now my new go to item for uplifting my mood. Recently, I tried a 3ml dropper of Jasmine organic oil, Juniper Sage oil, half-cup of tap water (today I used spring water) and add Lavender, Jasmine and Pomegranate Fragrance oils to the mix. Add all of your ingredients into your personal mix bottle. The bottles can be purchased with Amazon for a small amount. This one was found for $6.99 and is in a sleek design for use around the house. Find it here.
Aromatherapy made exclusively by You!
It’s just a short and quick method of adding some aromatic love to your home and lifting your mood for hours on end. Try your own ingredients by improvising on this recipe and share your concoctions with us here on the blog. Happy Mixing and talk with you soon!

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