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There are so ways of creating positivity in this world during the historical times that we are living in. Positivity in and of itself has a direct relationship in our perspectives of self and how that is presented in our environment. Most importantly, it describes how we show up in a world that has so many points of perspectives seeking to derive your existence into neat little boxes that can be consumed by others.

We all are unique in our gifts, experiences and perspectives. In that we have aspirational goals that we wish to realize and how we exhibit that may be different for everyone. There are no perfect clauses as to how we exhibit change in our lives. It comes when we are ready to flow mentally into that moment.


It may seem easier to cave to the ideals of society in terms of our personal life and aspirations. However, that is never the best way. In fact, your personal meditative pursuits may reveal otherwise. Its quite possible that in your personal journey towards self-realization you discover that all of the previous points of perspectives were pathways helping you to blaze your own unique path forward towards love, life, laughter and the ultimate pursuit of happiness.

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