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Solitude is important towards rising to our personal gifts. It allows us to go within and find the beauty within ourselves. When we truly love self, the external pains that are produced by others is minimized, because we have learned to master loving ourselves and our God first.

Its truly not easy when we go through situations in which we are abused or hurt by those we love. However, no matter what the circumstances we all have the opportunity to move towards a greater understanding of the circle of life and how its light is reflected through us.

That is one of the many lessons that I have learned in the last few months. Oftentimes, I have allowed myself to view things in different perspectives and with an open mind towards learning the true meaning behind every action.

I am beginning to realize that in every action whether it is viewed negatively or positively- by me, it is a launchpad towards using my personal gifts in life.We learn so much by looking  into ourselves and realizing the changes that have occurred. I am no longer the woman that anyone wanted me to be, but I am the woman who God wants me to be. In that realization I am satisfied. I am grateful in knowing that I am more than enough. I am hopeful for the future, because I am looking beyond the veil and going towards a greater self for me.

That is most important today for all of us. Choosing to live life the way that we believe we are being led to do.

I still believe in the good in human nature. I still believe in love. I still believe in truth. However, I no longer believe in the rhetoric of false ideas, dogma, religious ideals that fail to be kind to our fellow human beings. I believe in God. I believe that he is real. I believe he is far beyond the ideals that have been spoken of in any religion. I believe in this country. The United States. I believe that there are people who have the capacity and love for others to make a true difference on this earth.

Most importantly, I believe that love conquers everything and through that love for others we can make a difference. That may be speaking a kind word, helping and showing up for someone in need. It may be in any form, but I know that whatever it is I stand for love and never hate.

This company – Plush Figure is my love note in my journey towards living the life I desire and I hope that with all that I share on this site and others it will help everyone who encounters it.

With love, truly

Catrina Powell

P.S. I feel so liberated now just speaking out how I truly feel. I feel true freedom.

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