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Why Plush Figure Skincare is truly Amazing

Plush Figure skincare has considerable resiliency in that it doesn’t melt and can endure extreme temperatures whether hot or cold. It doesn’t melt except the lotion bars which melt upon contact with the skin and leaves a nice thin layer of moisture that is not too greasy and softens the epidermal layers of the skin.

The Plush Skincare line also retains its consistency over long periods of time. For example, after two years of creating the body butters and lotions still retain a creamy consistency that does not “clump” or bubble after extended periods. It is truly a remarkable and amazing product that is superior to much that is available on the market today. All of the products are made with natural derivatives that are sourced from ethical channels that guarantee that the supply is not being used in socially immoral ways that will compromise the supply chain.

Lastly, many of the skincare line’s aromatic products retain their scents over extended periods assuring that you have a premium handmade product that caters to your needs and prevents the degradation of the original scent that it was created from.

Discover more of the benefits of Plush FIgure Skincare by visiting our website at

Live the Gold Life with Plush Figure. All Natural Premium Skincare.

The Benefits

  • Withstands high temperatures

  • Retains its consistency over long periods of time

  • Customized based upon ingredients

  • Can be made unscented

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