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Plush Figure was created during the pandemic an historic time of healing and self-knowledge. I began my personal skincare journey in which I didn’t want to use chemicals in the products I used to eliminate the harm that was being done to me personally and the environment. Each item under the Plush Figure line was made with this thought in mind and I continue to strive towards increasing my self-awareness of healthy choices in skincare and haircare. I hope that you enjoy each and every item that was created with love from the heart.

No Chemicals
All Natural Ingredients
Dedication to giving to the environment
Partnering with like-minded Companies

Plush Figure is made with love and care for the environment and others.

Live the Plush Life

Plush Gold All Natural Skincare
No Chemical We strive to have the best natural product available.
Giving Back partnering with businesses globally that give back to the community.
Self-Awareness Providing information that will benefit the community.

Plush FIgure Motto

Choosing to live without limits is a personal choice. Making changes one person at a time.

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