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This father’s day it moved me that it would be great to honor our dads who have endured so much to provide for their families. They often are not celebrated for the great strides that they have accomplished in supporting and bringing stability to their families.
Oftentimes men in our society are taught that they are to remain strong through every circumstance. They are encouraged to not show their feelings or emotions and this often leads them to have unhealthy coping mechanisms that endure later in life.
However, it is apparent that without the nurturing of fathers we would not have the stability that is needed to anchor and remain resilient during crises. Fathers are an important portion of the family unit as well as mothers.
I am reminded of my “Three Dads” as I write this. I had the blessing of having both my maternal and paternal grandfathers as well as my dad. My grandads showed me so much in terms of what can be accomplished in life. They gave me the tools that I use often today in business, education and relationships. I love them with all my heart and often told them so when I had the chance.
I am grateful for their love as well as to my “Three Moms” and I still feel their protection today even though they are now no longer with us. So in celebration to the dads that continued to pave a way for the children, grandchildren and others to  lead and direct them towards greater love in their communities. We celebrate you today!
I know that not everyone has had a father in their lives including some in my own family, but my hope is that they would love the replacement dads – moms, aunts,cousins and others who have provided for them and blessed them with knowledge and direction to live life to the fullest.

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