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Why Is Change Important?

Changes occur to release old energy, attitudes, thinking and create new levels of progress in which an individual or society can grow. In the change process a metamorphosis occurs in which all aspects of the old ideals are removed for new ways of producing a positive result. 

How the Pandemic Contributed To Change

Currently, during and now after the pandemic our society has been in a metamorphosis. There has been a remarkable change that has occurred on many levels whether it be in our communities, lives or even at institutional levels. Many of these changes were only possible, because of a pandemic that in essence disrupted the status quo and revealed eye-opening information to everyone across the globe. How? Well, if we consider the initial stages of the pandemic everyone was forced to be home. They were unable to socialize in common ways that they were used to before. Furthermore, many people were forced to internalize or discover their true peace or lack of it living in solitary. Some of those people were unable to endure such conditions. This in turn caused a rise in depression and other tragic events, but some were able to “find” themselves while expanding on their skillsets. These changes were necessary to allow the possibility for  new ideals and levels of living to be expanded upon such as taking out time for ourselves in self-care techniques or doing the things that we love to do.

Woman living and enjoying nature.


It’s important to not internalize societal’s status quo into your own self-metamorphosis. There are many people who will tell you what you can not do and only a handful that will go the distance in encouraging you to do the impossible or what they “perceive” to be impossible. What I have learned in this entire process is that there are no impossibilities and often to meet your life’s purpose you will travel the road alone blazing a path for others to follow and leave there own footprints in the sand. No matter what the outcome which will always be positive you must never allow another person’s judgements and thoughts deter you from what you intuitively know to be true. There in knowing your self and respecting your god-given abilities while allowing God to lead you will you find ultimate peace. Of course I listen to many different views on a daily basis, but despite the differences I will allow myself to do what I know is best overall. There is power in recognizing that change is possible, productive and a blessing for many generations. We must embrace its ideals, new beginnings and experiences to become what we ultimately desire. There is no “playbook” as to how that change will occur. However, with the proper knowledge you can do anything you desire. 
The reason why this was so important was to allow everyone to individually grow into the person that they are destined to be. Moreover, without this growth spiritually, emotionally and mentally we would be unable to obtain our true life’s purpose. 


As I reflect on all this I am reminded of a quote from one of my favorite artist. In which he discussed how a family member told him he couldn’t accomplish some of his life aspirations because it was too difficult. I know how that feels to be told that something is not possible, but I also know that it may be impossible to them. Its not impossible for me or you either. Expand your mindset and accomplish all that you set out to do. Do it with Flair, grace and resiliency. No matter what.

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