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The Road Less Traveled

Our voices are very powerful allowing us to change circumstances, outcomes and build the world we desire. In every action we take daily there is the opportunity to bring illumination to problems that we have the ability to alter. 

In saying that in America the election season will be continuing this November and it is an opportunity for every American to be heard despite party preference. Each and every person has the ability to voice their concerns regarding a number of issues from the climate, income inequality, neighborhood revitalizations or even job security. Today we will be sharing a list of states that allow citizens to register online. Click on any of the links and register today. 

Use your Voice

We all have the opportunity to make our voices heard. Intimidation or such tactics will not compromise the faith of the people or deter them from utilizing their rights. Its simply not an option nor will it be tolerated. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and in every way lift up your voice to vote.

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