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Today we speak of self-care and it almost seems like a catchy phrase to describe a moment in time during the pandemic. It elicits emotions of love when thinking about family and the ability to persevere through extreme circumstances that are beyond our control. It also may be terrifying to others and conjure depression and sadness due to extreme isolation. However, self-care may be more than any of these basic ideals that we as a society have discussed in terms of dealing with a global crisis.

Imagine that self-care is also self-discovery. A process in which we seek the most value from the relationships that we have nurtured and also improving our perspectives of life itself. In this “discovery” we find a new vigor in achieving whatever goals that we are pursuing. During this process it may be possible that some relationships may prove to be toxic and will need to be severed, but in that discovery we find freedom to be the person we wish to be. In life, the situations we encounter will not always be positive. We undoubtedly will have moments that are negative in nature, but in this we are true to ourselves when we refuse to allow external situations to change who we are as a person. We are powerful individuals with the ability to shape our lives through actions and word. Our abilities are best utilized for the good of ourselves and others.

In this “discovery” we find a new vigor in achieving whatever goals that we are pursuing.

This is one of the many things that I personally have learned during this pandemic. That life changes and we change as individuals in our perspectives and ideals. However, we should never change our outlook in such a way that we seek to dehumanize, hinder or subject another human being. Love is the ultimate equalizer in such situations. Furthermore, I have noticed that these situations provide fuel for the passion that lays dormant within us. It ignites a passion to move more significantly towards our goals. Every situation and interaction with others allows you the opportunity to grow emotionally and mentally. We began to understand how we can be of service more to others in society and move with significant purpose towards those goals with every challenge.

So the next time you encounter a challenge keep that in mind. We are moving towards our goals and achieving all that we desire with every obstacle.

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