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Bath Love

This is time for reflection and understanding our inner selves. Coming to grips with all that has changed around us and ushering in a new level of peace and authenticity in our lives. What better time to accomplish the things we seek most in our lives during this momentous time in history.

Plush figure is expanding its products to tailor to the entire family so look out for changes occurring here and on Raquel Roche’ Boutique in the coming weeks.

There are new products by other small businesses that offer the highest quality in natural premium skincare that will be appearing for the whole family.

On another note the bath time theme (my favorite) is reminding us all to take time for ourselves and find that peace of “heaven” we all seek during our most intimate moments alone and in solitude. So, for all my bath time lovers check out these new soaps that are being offered that provide the most awesome experience for bath love time.

Rosemary Lemongrass Organic Soap

Try the fresh scent and amazing feel of Rosemary Lemongrass made with all natural ingredients

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