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Amazing Research

During the pandemic I made some amazing discoveries regarding my family through ancestral research or what is otherwise known as genealogical research. Its been an amazing process of discovery.

I am a firm believer in the quote that “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it”. I also have discovered that having knowledge of self through historical research provides you the freedom of reaching your own aspirational goals in life.

I will be uploading videos and materials to help you in discovering your own ancestral roots. This knowledge will undoubtedly guide you on your holistic  journey.

The most important aspect of research is securing first-person resources that will help aid you in piecing together your personal history. These tips will be shared with you to allow you to flourish in obtaining knowledge of yourself and family.


Overall Goals

Our goal is obtain the knowledge we seek to be completely at peace with who we are and to discover the secrets that have either been negative and positive to our family histories.

  • History
  • Archival Information
  • Resources
  • Knowledge of Self
  • Starting the Journey
  • Group to expand our reasoning

Exploring Nature

3 days masterclass
Details Soon

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